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Go Skate is America’s oldest skate school. We have over 15 years of instructional experience. We have taught professionals and X-Games athletes, like Shawn White. Our reputation is nationwide. Go Skate provides individualized one-on-one lessons serving all cities in the Vail, Colorado metro area. We offer lessons for all ages and abilities.

We offer individualized and customized skate lessons to meet individual needs. This is the safest and only way to learn skateboarding. We promise beginners will be up and riding during the first lesson. Learn proper balance, how to push, stop, turn, and how to ollie!

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Welcome to Go Skate. We specialize in instruction for pro and beginner skateboarders in a safer and easier way to improve your skills.

Vail, Colorado skateboarding lessons

skateboarding lessonsClose to home. Instead of driving 30 minutes to go to lessons, our large amount of instructors all over Vail, Colorado allows us to have someone close to you.

skateboarding lessonsEstablished as a branch within the first national skate network serving the entire Vail, Colorado . Our instructors have more instructional experience.
skateboarding lessons
No other program is able to offer instructors with a national certification. Our 5 step screening process has built our current reputation. Teaching skateboarding on site begins with demonstration and technique. But then most of the coach’s work is about correcting slight deviations from the correct way of foot placement and timing.

Why Go Skate?

Go Skate is the oldest nationwide skateboarding school operating in over 13 facilities throughout Vail, Colorado. With Go Skate, you have the ability to select from thousands of instructors and skateboarding parks to best match your needs. Whether you are a beginner or looking to go pro, Go Skate is here to help!

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve my area?

With over 13 facilities throughout the Vail, Colorado area, and Vail, Colorado’s largest skate school, we are able to serve most of the metro. If we are unable to, we will refer you to another local skate school who can help you.

Where do the lessons take place?
At skateparks or safe and quiet parking lots. The exact location will be determined by your local instructor based upon your ability and what you would like to learn.

What type of equipment do you recommend?
There isn’t any one particular brand, but there are several recommendations that we can make based upon what tricks you are trying to learn, your size, and how often you skateboard. (Read more)

Who are the instructors?
Joining Go Skate’s instructional team is one of the most coveted and difficult tasks for seasoned instructors. Our hiring department get hundreds of applications each week, keeping only the top 2% of instructors. All instructors have earned a national certification in safety by passing a rigorous training, background checks, and exam.

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